Appendix of House Rules and Variants in Effect

Action Points

We will be using the SRD variant of Action Points in addition to how they’re represented in Eberron as core.

Vitality and Wound Points

We will be using this system as written.


Outside of the material plane of Eberron, utilizing abilities that are even partially metaphysical in any capacity creates Discord in the fabric of the plane. Discord is an entropic force, warping the minds of those that use it as they warp the world around them with magic. Each character has a pool of Sanity Points equal to five times his or her Wisdom score. These represent mental stability much in the same way that Vitality points represent physical health. Much like Vitality, sanity points are regained after eight hours of restful calm in an amount equal to the character’s level.

Each character possesses a Discord Resistance score as well. This is equal to the character’s Wisdom Modifier plus their modifier to saves against fear effects, functioning as a form of mental DR. Immunity to fear effects does apply, and will completely negate damage to Sanity points. Putting it all together for example, a character with a Wisdom score of 14 under the effect of a 1st-level bard’s “Inspire Courage” ability has a maximum Sanity pool of 70 Sanity points and a Discord Damage Resistance of 3.

When a character’s Sanity pool dips below their wisdom score, the character takes a -2 penalty to Int, Wis, and Cha scores. At 0, a character goes insane.

The most common way to incur DIscord Damage is to cast spells (or equivalent). This deals Xd6 Discord Damage to the caster, where X is the spell-level or equivalent. Regarding psionics, X is 1+(1/2PP spent on that manifestation).

Some types of abilities add or subtract sanity damage from the total.

  • Abjuration spells deal 1 fewer point of Discord damage
  • Divine spells deal 5 more points of Discord damage.
  • Druids reduce all Discord damage they take by half.
  • Necromancy spells deal 2 more Discord damage
  • Healing spells do no Discord damage. (This does not apply to Psionic healing)
  • Telepathy powers deal 1 more point of Discord damage.

Appendix of House Rules and Variants in Effect

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