The Dead Letters

The Road to Darguun (Intro)

Intro, taken from Roll20 Chatlog:

It’s coming up on midsummer in 970 YK. The territories of Breland and Cyre have been annexed by the Warlord Llesh Haruuc, a hobgoblin who proclaimed himself sovereign lord of the New Nation of Darguun.

While King Boreanel of Breland wasn’t really excited about pursuing Haruuc in the outlying territories which where of little economic and strategic value to Breland, Boranel’s court urged him to retake the land for the sake of national morale. In a show of faith in his panel, the King dispatched 10,000 of his soldiers to the east, including his son, Crown Prince Boramil. The force was to be lead by General Minyu, a personal friend of the King.

Also dispatched was Lady Urik Rowan, a savvy swordswoman and noble from Wroat whose military career has been plagued by bad luck and general inexperience. Lady Rowan lead the reserve Brelish Dragoons, currently serving as the rear guard of the detachment

The 10,000 soldiers are supported by the mobile fortress Veldarren, one of three such craft in existence. It is, in essence, a mobile military base. Your characters have been conscripted into the 7th auxiliary lance of Rowan’s dragoons. The road was theorized to be easy. The enemy forces were disorganized and ill-equipped. The 7th lance and all higher designations have been tasked with military odd-jobs in Rowan’s haste to organize them

It’s not uncommon to go a day or two with nothing to do but sweat in the wilderness
Veldarren and the “Noble 10,000” as Breland called the Darguun campaign soldiers, had only one feasible entrance to the country of Darguun—a nine-hundred mile long mountain valley called Marguul Pass.

It’s been a week’s march so far with little activity. Goblinkin are around, but nothing other than disorganized skirmishes have occurred until today.

The party was tasked with finding the 6th dragoon lance, a party of greenhorn scout militia that pursued a small group of goblins into the mountain reaches. They never returned.

After meeting with the boorish and pension-worthy Lieutenant Eaustice Barrow of Rowan’s 1st lance and gearing for a climb, the party headed for the area where the 6th lance was theorized to be.

It was a bit of a pain to get to the flatter regions of the mountain, but the 7th lance persevered. They came upon a dead goblin with a human ear in his mouth. Further down the path they encountered a seemingly wounded Goblin—Prince Droog who was, in fact, pretending to be wounded to set up an ambush. When Prince Droog’s mind failed him, bewitched by Panmiena, he was executed by the leader of their expedition.

The party engaged the ambush contingent in an entirely ranged battle. Two other goblins, a kobold and hobgoblin were killed. The session ended there.

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